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Is Philly Really A “Dream Team”?

Ok, as you may know by now I am a HUGE Eagles fan. I drink the Andy Reid kool-aid. However, I also subscribe to telling the truth. So with that being said, no. The Eagles are NOT a “Dream Team” as VY put it.

Look, I was just as happy if not happier than any Eagles fan out there when I heard the out-of-left-field news on Nnamdi Asomugha. Compounded with the DRC trade, the Jason Babin deal, and even the Vince-anity signing, I was IMMEDIATLY talking ish on Facebook and Twitter. But now that I have a had a few days to really let it sink in, I’m reserving judgment a bit. Ok, on paper, yes, ON PAPER the Eagles are stacked. They more than sured up an other-wise shakey 2010 secondary, bolstered their front 4, and replenished their depth at QB now minus Kolb. They covered my wish list for the most part, with a few things I wasn’t looking for. But let’s not lose sight of the fact the current starting LB’s have all of 4 TOTAL years of experience amongst them. The safeties? Just 1. Not to mention the O-line is full of question marks. I am looking forward to see what these young guys can do, but I can’t help but have just a little anxiety about whether they will be the shade of difference between Lombardi Trophy, and we’ll get ’em next year.

All in all yes, the Birds are good. Potentially great. With Vick returning as the undisputed starter at QB, and all those speedy young studs on offence. Coupled with the new additions which surely will boost the D. They are AT LEAST a 12-4 team on paper. The game is not played on paper though, as they say. But yes, they’re good. I’m just not ready to say “Dream Team” just yet, Vince.


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Lifelong Philly sports fan to the core. But I will tell the truth. I hope you can at least respect my thoughts. I also rap and I am a music fanatic so don't be surprised to hear a few comments on that side as well.

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